Omega and Alpha / Why Omega and Alpha was written​

Many choirs find traditional Oratorios extremely costly and complex to perform. Omega and Alpha has been written to enable all mixed voice choirs to be able to create a performance to match their size, capability, venue and budget. Performances can be as effective in a medium sized church as a large cathedral or concert hall. Unlike other works of this size, the minimum requirement is for only three soloists with accompaniment by a church organ. However, if a larger performance is to be undertaken there is a version for a 13 piece ensemble or even a full symphony orchestra.

The choir are central to the plot and are involved in most of the sections unlike many other works in which the choir have long periods of inactivity.

There are two versions now available. The first version takes the story up to the resurrection of Christ. This version takes approximately 80 minutes to perform.

The longer version continues the story to the events of the Ascension (The Omega) and Pentecost (The Alpha). This version takes 2 hours to perform and would be suitable to be performed either as an oratorio with the three soloists or as a staged production with the soprano and baritone parts being shared amongst a number of soloists.

“Emslie has skilfully generated a modern
equivalent for the Bach Chorale”

Roderic Dunnett

“Omega and Alpha is very singable so it will travel – and deserves to.”

Roderic Dunnett – The Church Times